Leigh Loftus
Owner + Photographer

Leigh Loftus is the founder of We are Loftus a photography company based in Chicago, IL. In 2009 she launched the first iteration of her company called Think Leigh Photography. She worked alongside many photography industry leaders across various categories including journalism, portraiture, interiors, landscape and food and beverage.

Early in her career Leigh began working with hotels and restaurant groups. She now works with some of the leading Hotels in Chicago including The Godfrey, London House, Loews, The Radisson Blu, The Virgin Hotel, Fifty/50 group and DMK group to name a few. As Leigh has developed her book of business, she’s congruently built a team of photographers to work with We are Loftus as well as to aid in mentoring younger professionals in reaching their career goals.
2017 marks Leigh’s 8th year as a business owner and entrepreneur, like any great leader she knows it takes more than one person to make an impact, so she’s signed on Nancy Rommeney as her new business partner and Director of Business Development. They intend to scale the model she’s developed in Chicago to a national level creating job opportunities for photographers and becoming a reliable photography resource to their buyers.

Leigh is a visionary and has now become a leader in her industry. She’s one to keep a close eye on, as she continues to push the envelope toward being an agent of change in this world. Give her a few more years and you can bet she’ll be featured in a variety of business articles as an influencer of innovation, a Female entrepreneur and, word on the street is, potentially even a tech start-up guru.


Nancy Thomas Rommeney
Director of Business Development + Photographer

We Are Lotus is continuing on the path to provide a comprehensive scope of services and expertise to better serve our clients. An important part of that plan is the addition of photographer Nancy Rommeney.

Nancy Rommeney is a gifted photographer who has turned her passion for the creative process of photography into a very successful portrait business.  Prior to starting Smooch Photography, she had experience in sales management within the healthcare system. The success she achieved in the sales world was an asset as she began her own company.  Over the past 10 years she has owned and operated a business that nurtured her creative desire for design and love of the photography industry.

Nancy has always been in the pursuit of new and innovative ways to continue her professional development. She has been motivated by her desire to contribute to the industry that has given her so much. She is dedicated to job creation in the field, as well as her efforts to help develop the next generation of photographers. She is committed to creating a seamless process for clients and photographers in efforts to help them navigate in a dynamic digital world.

Nancy’s enthusiasm for her craft, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit will be an integral part in the next chapter for We Are Loftus. Here she will continue her quest to discover what is next in the changing landscape of photography. Her vision of what the digital world looks like for the next generation is big. Stay tuned.


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