Making Your Food Photos Look Good Enough To Eat

Making Your Food Photos Look Good Enough To Eat

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Making Your Food Photos Look Good Enough To Eat

Professional food photography might sound easy, but is it? Sure, anyone can take a picture of their dinner, post it on Instagram, and call it professional. But the truth is, no matter how pretty it looks on your table, it’s unlikely to look as good as it tastes unless you know a little something about professional food photography. 

The Brain And Food: It’s All Up To Science

Let’s talk about science for a minute. Once upon a time, when we foraged through the woods for berries and nuts to satisfy our hunger, our brain told us what was good to eat, and what we should stay away from. Today, we have much more food availability and no longer need our brains to decide the healthiest pick for our palate. Yet, the brain still plays a large role in how we eat. 

Science says that beautiful food appeals to the brain. When you look at that gorgeous, perfectly browned crust, the hearty maroon color of the pepperoni, the hints of red pepper and contrasting green spinach, with melted cheese in between it all, can’t you feel your mouth watering? This is all thanks to your brain’s ability to connect beauty and desire to something you can eat.

A Pizza Is A Pizza Is A Pizza

You’ve seen plenty of pizzas in your lifetime, but what makes this pizza so special that you’d give anything to have it appear on your table? Professional food photography. If this pizza were photographed on a kitchen table littered with dirty napkins, half drunken cups of soda covered with greasy fingerprints, and the family cat walking past the pie, would it evoke the same response? Doubtful. A photo like that could bring about a different emotion, and would be well-suited for an airline company asking you if you’re ready to book a vacation.

Setting The Table

A clean, nondescript table is the foundation that supports the subject. It enhances the pizza as opposed to overpowering it. Imagine the same picture on a stark white table; would it have the same effect, or would the white be distracting to the eye? The food becomes the focus and nothing else around it should draw away from the attention it deserves. Pizza is such a common food that you can find it on just about every street corner of a large city; but a photo like this can make this pie seem like it’s a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

If you’re a restaurateur, be assured that the right food photo has the power to bring people to your door in demand for the subject at hand. From the common pizza pie, to the humble garden salad, there’s never been a better time to use the brain power that every human being is born with to increase sales and take your food to the next level.

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