How Food Photography Can Help Your Business

Everyone can relate to food. After all, you need it to live. Although it doesn’t need to look pretty to give you the nutrients you need to get through the day, a stunning picture certainly can influence your choice. Food photos are nothing new; look back at your grandmother’s old cookbooks from the 1950’s and you’ll see proof of that.

Cheesecake Or Chocolate – Which Looks Better?

The job of a restaurant food photographer is to take an ordinary dish, drink, or tablescape and make it look enticing. Some may wonder what purpose this serves; if someone wants a chocolate cake, are they really going to order the New York Style Cheesecake simply because it looks better in this picture? Would you be surprised if the answer was yes?

We feast with our eyes before we ever take a taste, and this is what food photography is all about. A restaurant food photographer can take your branding from fair to fantastic by making customers stop, look, and listen (to their inner cravings, that is).

It All Starts With The Menu

The first place to begin is with your menu. Pictures can convey what words cannot; your wait staff can describe what’s in that Orange Dreamsicle Treat, but the picture here is what drives the brain to say, “I need this!” Pictures of the food you serve can draw the customer to dishes they never would have tried without seeing. Consider how many times you’ve seen someone else’s dinner pass by your table, thought about how good it looked, and asked for the same.

It Increases Views To Your Website And Social

Posting pictures of food and drinks to your website and Instagram creates instant traffic. Suppose someone is looking for a place to enjoy dinner and drinks? One look at this Red Sangria can bring them running through the door. The shot is gorgeous, with its rich reds and contrasting yellows, as well as the pretty sampling of colorful drinks behind it. It’s a summertime extravaganza, and it’s all brought to you courtesy of your restaurant food photographer.


No, You Can’t Just Use Your Phone

Your sister might post photos taken on her phone every five minutes, but this isn’t going to fly for your marketing campaign. Post a drab photo and it might have the opposite effect that you’re trying to achieve. You want your food, your brand, to stand out among the rest. A restaurant food photographer knows how to showcase your food by adjusting the lighting, coloring, angles, and props to make it gorgeous and appetizing. That’s what appeals to the masses, so take advantage of the trend and make it work for you.

Pretty As A Picture: The World’s Best Pecan Pie
Pretty As A Picture: The World’s Best Pecan Pie

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