Delightfully Different Deviled Eggs

Delightfully Different Deviled Eggs

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Deviled eggs are one of those perfect foods that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. If ever a picnic staple there was, deviled eggs are the “it” girl for the event.

They make a great appetizer for a casual get together, but they can be taken to new heights and turned into something that can grace the table of the most upscale gathering. If you’re not already a big fan of deviled eggs, these recipes will turn you into one. And if you’re already a believer, you’ll simply solidify your relationship. 

Hard Boil Your Eggs 

It begins with the perfect hard-boiled egg. The last thing you want is to peel and slice, only to find a soft yolk. The other thing you want to avoid it a green coloring on the outside of the yolk, which is caused by overcooking. To achieve a firm yolk with no green tint, follow this tried-and-true way to cook them:

Place eggs in a large pot.
Cover eggs with cold water.
Bring water to a boil for one minute.
Turn off the heat and cover pot.
Let sit for 12 minutes in the hot water. (It’s ok if you go over by a minute or two.)
Remove pot from heat.
Drain water into the sink and run cold water over the eggs until they are cold to the touch.
Peel and slice as desired. 

The Classic Deviled Egg

This is the base of your creation, and many recipes include additions that can amp up the finished product. Start here.

Classic Filling for 12 eggs:

¼ Cup Mayonnaise
1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
½ Tbsp. White vinegar
½ tsp. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste

Separate yolks from whites. Place yolks in a bowl and mash with the tines of a fork, a potato masher, or however you desire, until crumbled. Add ingredients and stir until a thick filling is formed. Fill whites with yolk mixture using a spoon or a piping bag. 

You can adjust and add more or less of the ingredients if you like. Leave them plain, sprinkle with paprika, or try one of these additions. Start with classic filling and try one of these recipes.


Add - 

Another 1 Tbsp. Frank’s Red Hot

1 Tbsp. finely chopped celery

2 Tbsp. Crumbly blue cheese


Replace: Dijon mustard with 1 ½ tsp. yellow mustard

Add - 

¼ Cup chopped bacon

2 tsp. chopped jalapeño

2 Tbsp. shredded cheddar cheese

Everything Bagel:

Replace: 2 Tbsp. of the mayo with 2 Tbsp. softened cream cheese

Add –

1 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice

1 Tbsp. toasted sesame seeds

1 Tbsp. minced dehydrated onion

¼ tsp. caraway seeds

Ham and Cheese:

Add – 

½ cup grated sharp cheddar cheese

3 tbsp. sweet relish, drained

2 slices deli ham, finely chopped

Another ¼ cup mayonnaise

These eggs can be garnished with extra ingredients to make them stand out, or left as is. Serve with drinks, from sweet tea to mojitos, and enjoy your creation. 

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