Sandra D., Photographer

Sandra D. Bio

I am a tiny person with big hair, and even a bigger personality and smile. Born in Damascus, Syria, but currently residing in Chicago. Attending UIC with a Biochemistry Major and a Business Minor.

Why Photography? When I was young, I had the habit of doing weird, goofy faces whenever someone is trying to take my picture. Since then, I’ve always been asked to take the pictures instead of being in them. So don’t worry, I know that awkward feeling of being in front of the lens.

What is a Biochemistry major with a Business minor doing in the photography field? When I first arrived to the US I didn’t speak English. I had an internship working in a darkroom photography studio. I may not have originally been able to communicate with people through English but I did feel that I could connect with people was through my pictures.

Favorite beverage of choice: MILKSHAKES!!!

Favorite place to eat in Chicago: One of my favorite restaurants is a small French restaurant called La Crêperie. They serve their customers authentic French Crêpes while they can listen to some live jazz on Thursdays.

Favorite spot in the city: Chicago is a very scenic city, so it is extremely hard d to pick a favorite spot. The Ping Jung memorial park in China town is a very underappreciated park. It is right on the river at the point where you can see the whole skyline from a location that is relatively south, and there is a lot of trees and flowers surrounding the docks. It’s a perfect spot to read a book or do an editing session.

Why you like working for We are Loftus and or working for me specifically? Being a photographer on the We Are Loftus team have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I feel like a secret agent, every event is a new experience, new adventure where I have to be a different person to match the event and connect with the people attending it. Leigh has helped me become confident in myself and in my abilities to surpass all the challenges. I have grown a lot as a person and a photographer since I started working with her and I am excited for our next adventure.

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