Martha V., Photographer

Martha V. Bio

I was born in Mexico City. In 2013 I moved to Chicago to pursue my BFA in design and photography from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Favorite Food: I could eat sushi and chocolate chip cookies for every meal.

Favorite beverage of choice: I only like to drink water, not even soda or milk. If there is nothing else I can have a juice. Just water please!

Favorite place to eat in Chicago: Outside with a view (of course not during winter) Picnics in Millennium Park during summer are the best!!!

Favorite spot in the city: The Riverwalk and the Lakefront

Favorite means of transportation: My feet. I love to walk everywhere and take my camera with me. I always find cool spots for photos or new places to visit.

Why you like working for We are Loftus and or working for me specifically? I love working for We are Loftus because it is like working for me. Leigh and I are so similar in so many things that makes it super easy to work with. I see her more like a friend than a boss. Not only have I’ve learned a lot but we have a great team of coworkers and friends!