Kety M., Photographer

Kety M. Bio

I am a Chicago-based artist, born in Vienna, Austria but with Bulgarian roots. So as you can already tell from my greeting, I am a pretty international person and so is my art! My main mediums are photography and film/video, but I also do a lot of mixed media pieces.

Favorite Food: Greek Food (But only the original in Greece!)

Favorite beverage of choice: It depends haha it could range from a nice Green Tea to a Fire shot!

Favorite place to eat in Chicago: Davanti Enotoca & Quartino

Favorite spot in the city: No specific spot, but I love walking late night or cycling from around clark/division to the South Loop when almost nobody is on the street.

Secret Recipe: White fruity sangria & Oreo Cheesecake

Also, secret life recipe: Always keep on dancing to the music and everything is going to be alright!

Why you like working for We are Loftus and or working for me specifically

I love working for We are Loftus because it feels like we are one family or we are all artists/children “adopted” by Leigh! She is such an amazing caring person and friend as well! I love collaborating and working together with everybody on the team! Leigh made me not only feel welcome and appreciated but also feel part of the company ever since the day I did the first shoot with her! Everybody on the team is so genuine and nice that we grew close very fast, which made working together an even bigger enjoyment!

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