Janessa Gates, Photographer + Lead Assistant

Janessa Gates Bio


Janessa Gates is a talented photographer and producer who has strived her whole life to follow her passion. She has had a long-standing experience in the art world and has a dream to help creative people find their path. She is committed to changing the lives of photographers all over the world and giving them their next big opportunity.

Prior to We Are Loftus, Janessa was a fashion photographer whose work has been issued in Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue and New York Fashion Week. She has produced and led national campaigns across multiple platforms including an empowering plus size women model search. This campaign was a chance for ordinary women to share their life stories, impact other lives in a positive way and change the way plus size women are seen everywhere.

Janessa has always had a deep connection to understanding other cultures, people and traveling, which lead her to studying photography, the history of art and different civilizations across the globe.
At We Are Loftus, Janessa will use the knowledge she’s gained through practice and travel to cultivate the primary initiative of the company; bringing sustainable opportunities to photographers around the world. With a shared mission to better the lives of the next generation of photographers, Janessa will lead the charge in the expansion of our U.S. team.

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