Weekly, step-by-step SMARTPHONE Food Photography training.

Let’s Be Real. Having a smartphone with the world’s best camera in your pocket isn’t making your Food & Beverage photos look delicious or even appealing for that matter.

So Let me ask you – Do you feel frustrated with the Food & Beverage photos you’re taking? Jealous of your peers who’s photos always come out Awesome?  Do you want to take food & Beverage photos that make your followers drool but have no idea where to start or not enough time to learn?

I can totally relate to you, I know exactly how you feel! Which is why I have designed The Chef Shots to teach you the foundations of shooting your Food and Beverage like a Pro.

Whether you’re a Chef, Mixologist, Sommelier, Brew-master, Server, Cook, Foodie or just downright want to learn the basics – this is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Register below and let’s take your photos from dull to DELICIOUS!

 Take it from one of our Clients:

“None of us know the basics of any of that, so to just get the basics in our head is what we need, so we can start from some place — instead of just taking the same stupid photo over and saying, Why doesn’t it ever look good?!” – Chef Sarah Holmgren

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